Ron Davis & SymphRONica - UpfRONt

SymphRONica UpfRONt is Ron’s 12th and SymphRONica’s 3rd collection of his unique, and world renowned sound. UpfRONt, is a quantum leap from his previous works, representing the greater cross--cultural and cross-stylistic diversity of the players and contributors, including Juno Award winner Mike…

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Andrea Menard - Silent No More 


Andrea Menard’s new single, Silent No More, encourages all of us to
end the silence around violence
against women and children.     
Add your voice to the conversation to stop the

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Zeynep Ozbilen 

Zeynep Ozbilen’s history is not the typical North American music success story! 

As a musical child growing up in the wonderful cultural city of Istanbul, her first official performance experience was playing Annie at age 12 in…

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